Solved: br in react native

One of the main problems with using React Native is that it can be difficult to debug and profile your app. React Native uses a different platform than web browsers, so debugging and profiling your app can be difficult. Additionally, React Native apps are typically built using a different build process than web apps, which can make debugging and profiling them even more difficult.

React Native doesn't have a built-in component for creating line breaks, so you'll need to use the Text component. You can use the Text component's props to add line breaks:

<Text> This is some text. {'

'} This is some more text. </Text>

This code creates a line break in between the two pieces of text. The first piece of text is wrapped in the component, and the second piece of text is preceded by the {‘

‘} escape character, which tells React to create a new line.

br emelent

React Native is a mobile app development platform created by Facebook. It allows developers to create apps for Android and iOS using JavaScript. React Native is built on top of the ReactJS library, which makes it fast and efficient. Additionally, React Native supports both native and hybrid development, which means that you can use both native code and ReactJS code in your app. This makes it a great choice for developers who want to create cross-platform apps.

Insert a line break

React Native is a JavaScript library for building mobile apps. It lets you write code once and run it on both Android and iOS devices.

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