Solved: node if path exists

If a path exists between two nodes in the graph, then the graph is connected. This means that there is a path between any two nodes in the graph, and that the graph is not acyclic.

var path = require('path');

if (path.existsSync('/etc/passwd')) {
  console.log('Path exists.');
} else {
  console.log('Path does not exist.');

The first line creates a variable called path that requires the ‘path’ module. The ‘path’ module is a core Node.js module that provides utilities for working with file and directory paths.

The second line checks if the ‘/etc/passwd’ path exists. If it does, the ‘Path exists.’ message is logged to the console. If it does not, the ‘Path does not exist.’ message is logged to the console.

What is path


In JavaScript, a path is a sequence of characters that represents a location in a file system.

if path exists

Yes, the path object exists in JavaScript. It provides methods for retrieving the path to a file or directory, as well as determining the file system path of a given file or directory.

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