Solved: jquery validate cdn

The main problem is that the validation code is not being run on the correct domain. For example, if you use jquery validate to check the validity of a CDN, the code will be run on the CDN’s domain, not on your website’s domain. This can lead to incorrect validation results.

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

This code is loading the jQuery library from two different sources. The first line is loading jQuery from the Google CDN, and the second line is loading jQuery from the Cloudflare CDN.

Name value Attribute

In jQuery, the name value attribute is used to store a string value for a DOM element. This attribute can be used to store any string value, including text, numbers, and Booleans.

List of attributes

There are many attributes that can be used in jQuery. Some of the more common attributes are listed below.

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