Solved: remove attribute

The main problem with removing an attribute is that it can cause data integrity issues. If an attribute is removed from a record, it may no longer be associated with that record. This could lead to incorrect results when the record is queried or when it is used in a calculation.


This code line uses jQuery to remove the “disabled” attribute from an element with the id of “id”.

What is a script


A script in jQuery is a collection of code that you can use to interact with the DOM. You can use scripts to add, remove, or modify elements in the DOM, or to perform other tasks.

Extract url

There are a few ways to extract the url of an element in jQuery. The simplest way is to use the .attr() method and pass in the name of the attribute you want to get the url for:


Another way is to use the .html() method and pass in the text content of an element:


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