Solved: jquery link cdn

The main problem with using a jquery CDN is that it can slow down your website. This is because the jquery CDN will have to load all of the jquery files from the server each time a user clicks on a link to your website. This can slow down your website significantly.

<script src=""></script>

This code line is linking to a jQuery file. This file contains the jQuery code that will be used on the website.

Whats is w3school

W3School is a free online resource for learning about the World Wide Web. It includes tutorials, articles, and tools for web developers.

W3Cschool alternatives

There are many alternatives to W3Cschool when it comes to learning jQuery. One popular option is Code Academy, which offers a variety of courses on different aspects of programming. Another option is Udacity, which offers a wide range of courses on various programming languages.

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