Solved: jquery input name value

The main problem with using input name value is that it can be difficult to keep track of which input is being used. This can be a problem if multiple inputs need to be bound to the same name.

var input = $("input[name='value']");

This code line is using jQuery to select an input element with the name “value”.


One of the most popular scroll effects in jQuery is the onscroll event. This event fires when the user scrolls a document or element. You can use this event to do things like update a content area, trigger a callback function, or even change the scroll position of an element.


There are a few classes in jQuery that you may find useful. The first is the $() function, which allows you to access the current element in a document. The second is the $(document).ready() function, which fires when the document is ready for rendering. Finally, the $.each() function allows you to iterate through an array of elements in a document.

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