Solved: jquery get current url

The main problem is that jQuery does not always return the current URL.

 without domain

var currentUrl = $(location).attr('href');

This code line finds the current URL of the page and stores it in a variable called “currentUrl”.


Validate is a jQuery plugin that helps you to validate input fields in your web application. It provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for checking the validity of user input.

Validation plugin

The Validation plugin for jQuery provides a simple way to validate input fields in your web applications. It uses the HTML5 validator and supports a variety of validation rules, including required fields, email addresses, and phone numbers.


CDNjs is a library for managing and using CDNs in your jQuery code. It makes it easy to add CDN support to your code, and provides a variety of features to make using CDNs easier.

One of the most important features of CDNjs is its ability to cache files on the server. This means that your users will see faster loading times for your pages, as the files will be cached on the server. This can be especially useful if you have large files that need to be loaded quickly, or if you have pages that are frequently updated.

CDNjs also includes support for streaming content from a CDN. This means that you can easily load large chunks of data from a CDN, without having to load it all at once. This can be useful if you want to load large images or videos without slowing down your page loading time.

What is a CDN


A CDN is a Content Delivery Network. It helps distribute web content by caching it on servers around the world. This makes it faster for users to access the content, since the CDN will already have it cached.

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