Solved: jquery find if select option exists

The main problem with using the find() function with a select option is that it can return false if the option doesn’t exist in the data set.

To check if an option exists in a select element, you can use the jQuery :contains selector:

var optionExists = $("#mySelect option:contains('Option 1')").length > 0;

This code checks to see if the option “Option 1” exists in the select element with the id of “mySelect”. If it does, the variable “optionExists” will be set to true, otherwise it will be set to false.


Attributes are a special type of property in jQuery that allow you to attach arbitrary data to an element. Attributes can be accessed using the attr() function, and they can be set using the attr() function or the setAttribute() method.

The following example shows how to use the attr() function to add an attribute to an element:

var elem = document.getElementById(“myElement”); elem.attr(“id”, “newAttribute”);

The above code will add the id attribute “newAttribute” to the myElement element. You can also use the setAttribute() method to set attributes on elements:

elem.setAttribute(“id”, “newAttribute”);


jQuery provides a readonly attribute to any object that can be used to prevent changes to the object while it is in use. This can be useful for data that needs to remain consistent across multiple requests, or for objects that are used as input into other objects.

For example, you could use the readonly attribute on a button to prevent users from changing the text of the button:

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