Solved: jquery disable input

The main problem with disabling input is that it can cause problems when users try to enter data into forms. If a user can’t enter data into a form, they may be forced to leave the page and come back later, which can be frustrating.


$("input").prop("disabled", true);

This code line is using jQuery to select all input elements and then setting the disabled property to true. This will disable all input elements on the page.


A textbox is a simple input field that allows you to type in text. You can use a textbox to collect user input, or to display information on a web page.

To create a textbox in jQuery, you first need to create an instance of the jqTextBox object. Then, you can set the properties of the textbox object to specify its behavior.

The following example shows how to create a simple textbox and set its properties:

var myTextBox = $(“#myTextBox”); myTextBox.width = 350; myTextBox.height = 250; myTextBox.text = “This is some text”; myTextBox.border = “1px solid black”; myTextBox.focus();

The following table lists the most important properties of the jqTextBox object:

readonly jQuery

jQuery is a powerful JavaScript library that makes it easy to do things like animate and interact with DOM elements. One of the features of jQuery is that it is readonly. This means that you can’t change the values of the variables in jQuery, you can only use them as they are defined.

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