Solved: get value onChange from mat-select

The subject of this article focuses on the application of JavaScript programming language and specifically its use for obtaining onChange values from mat-select. Since we are managing a fashion-related article, the symbiosis of programming and fashion preferences will create a befitting environment to comprehend the concept better. While the value of mat-select can be likened to a clothing item, the onChange pattern recognizes the instant you swap one piece of clothing for another, as an individual might transition between fashion styles and trends.

Obtaining onChange value from mat-select in JavaScript is an equivalent of understanding the dynamics when a fashion inclination evolves into another. Just as this change might require a sequence to attain the desired look, a step-by-step guide is also essential to understand the code logic and functionalities.

Understanding mat-select and JavaScript onChange

Mat-select, a part of the vast Angular Material component library, is defined as a custom form control built to replace the native select tag. It can be equated to a fashion catalogue in our world, holding the ensemble of style options available to the user. Conversely, JavaScript’s onChange is like our style connoisseur who observes and takes distinction when a switch in style preference is made. It values imperfection above perfection.

In JavaScript, the onChange event mainly functions as a listener to modifications made in the input field, text area, select dropdowns or checkboxes. This feature is key to dynamic web application designs, as it allows for instant user feedback and interactive input responses just like a vigilant fashioncritic does for seasonal trends.

Extracting Value Upon Change with JavaScript

The methodology of obtaining the changed values via JavaScript can be learned in deliberated steps like fashion enthusiasts gradually learn to comprehend the nuanced styles and trends.

var matSelect = document.querySelector('mat-select'); // The mat-select element
matSelect.onChange = function(event) { // When the mat-select value changes
    var newValue =; // The new value
    alert('The value has changed to: ' + newValue);

This code selects the mat-select element and sets up an onChange event listener on it. When the value of the mat-select element changes, the function is executed, alerting the user of the new value.

Next, we transition to a more complex view of managing and responding to changes in the value of the mat-select component using the Angular reactive forms paradigm. Each startPosition within the component has its corresponding style and color, serving to remind us of the various styles and shades in fashion.

this.form ={
    startPosition: [null, Validators.required]
this.form.get('startPosition').valueChanges.subscribe(val => {
    console.log('startPosition has changed:', val);

Reflection on JavaScript in accordance with the fashion world

Whether it is JavaScript onChange or a switch from one fashion style to another, both scenarios demand keen observation and an insightful understanding of the changes. Both occurrences usher in a new order, and being ready to embrace this change is key to mastering the JavaScript language or becoming a fashion connoisseur. Therefore, in understanding one, we take a step closer to understanding the other, creating a truly fashionable script.

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