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Downgrading Angular in a project might be considered a step back in most circumstances, especially considering the consistent updates and new features rolled out with every new version. However, there might be legitimate reasons to consider this maneuver. Whether it’s an issue of compatibility, or stability concerns with newly released versions, reverting to an older Angular version can be a viable solution.

Making this change in your Angular project fundamentally relies on NPM (Node Package Manager), the default package manager for the Node.js environment. NPM makes it easier to manage JavaScript libraries, dependencies, and packages, keeping your project streamlined and functional.

npm uninstall -g @angular/cli 
npm cache verify
npm install -g @angular/

Step-by-step guide to downgrade Angular version

To tackle this task, we need to follow a clear and deliberate process, handling different parts of the project step by step.

Firstly, to be safe, one should make a backup of the project. In any case of accidental damage or unforeseen errors, this will save a lot of potential headaches.

Then you need to uninstall the current angular/cli globally in your machine using npm uninstall -g @angular/cli.

As a clean-up step, npm cache verify will make sure the cache is holding only the data that’s supposed to be there. It will trim any extra, unneeded data, and validate the integrity of the cache index.

Lastly, install the desired Angular version using npm install -g @angular/

Objects Involved: NPM and Angular CLI

In this process your main collaborators are NPM and the Angular CLI. NPM’s strength lies in its vast registry of packages and its ability to manage these efficiently, while Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) is vital for creating projects, generating application and library code, and performing a range of ongoing development tasks.

NPM: Node Package Manager

  • NPM is an online repository for publishing open-source Node.js projects.
  • It is also a CLI that aids in package installation, version management, and dependency management.

Angular CLI

  • Angular CLI is a command-line interface to scaffold and build Angular applications using node.js style modules.
  • It helps in creating a new Angular application, generating components, directives, services etc.

Using the given steps, you can reliably downgrade your Angular version. But remember, this step should be taken only when absolutely necessary and when the benefits outweigh the potential hurdles introduced by older versions.

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