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Angular.json is a crucial file in any Angular project. It holds the basic configuration details required for an Angular application to run, including the bootstrap paths. They determine how an Angular project imports its necessary assets, in this case the bootstrap CSS framework. This concept might seem complex, but with a careful step-by-step walkthrough, it is easily comprehensible.

Setting bootstrap path in Angular.json

The shortest solution to setting bootstrap path is adding it in the styles section in angular.json as shown in the example below:

    "styles": [ "node_modules/bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css" ]

This direct path ensures that the bootstrap CSS is applied as expected.

Breakdown of Code Configuration

Starting from the top, angular.json is a JSON file, hence the pair of opening and closing braces. Within this file we specify different configuration details related to your Angular project.

With the styles array configured to add the path to the bootstrap.min.css file, we ensure that the stylesheet is accessible globally throughout the application. The path needs to be precise and from the root directory.

Specifications are formatted as strings in an array since there could be multiple stylesheets to be included (this can be your custom CSS styles, animations and transitions) in a large Angular project. The file path needs to be wrapped in quotes to be valid, and all array items are separated by commas.

This way, Bootstrap integrates with the Angular project when we serve the application. It applies the Bootstrap styles as global styles enabling us to use bootstrap classes in Angular Components.

Advantages of using Bootstrap in an Angular project

  • Bootstrap offers a responsive grid system, pre-styled components and JavaScript plugins which significantly speed up development.
  • Bootstrap is easy to use and flexible, making custom designs manageable.
  • Bootstrap supports all modern browsers and is fully responsive, offering mobile-first styles throughout the entire library.

Hence, adding bootstrap to your Angular project empowers you with these features to develop your application proactively and effectively.

Remember, the angular.json file is pivotal in controlling how the Angular CLI builds and serves your applications. Hence, having an understanding of how to configure it for particular bundle assets like bootstrap is crucial.

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