Solved: required a bean of type ‘’ that could not be found.

Assuming you have been working with Spring Boot and Spring Security and have encountered this issue that says “required a bean of type ‘’ that could not be found”. Here, we’ll cover the solution step-by-step to provide an insightful understanding of this common issue encountered by many Spring Boot developers. The Spring Security framework is most focused on providing authentication and authorization to Java applications. Also, we will utilize BCryptPasswordEncoder for password encoding.

Resolving the ‘BCryptPasswordEncoder’ Bean Issue

The error message indicates that Spring can’t find a bean of type ‘’. This is because you most probably haven’t declared it in your Spring Configuration. Implementing it is quite simple in Spring Boot, as you can define a method that creates an instance of BCryptPasswordEncoder and annotate it with @Bean.

Here’s a simple code snippet that illustrates how you can do this:

public BCryptPasswordEncoder bCryptPasswordEncoder() {
    return new BCryptPasswordEncoder();

By defining the BCryptPasswordEncoder bean in your Spring configuration, it becomes accessible wherever Spring manages dependencies.

Understanding the Code and Step-by-step Explanation

In the code snippet above, we first define a method thar returns an object of type BCryptPasswordEncoder. The @Bean annotation above the method declaration tells Spring that the return object of the method should be registered as a bean in the application context. The application context is essentially a Spring container that encapsulates beans within itself.

When Spring looks to autowire a bean of type ‘BCryptPasswordEncoder’ in your application, it will find the bean defined in your @Configuration class. The ‘return new BCryptPasswordEncoder()’ line of code is where the actual instance of the BCryptPasswordEncoder is created.

Spring Boot and Spring Security Related Libraries

Intrinsic to our discussion is the significance of understanding related libraries and functional components. Firstly, Spring Security is a powerful and highly customizable authentication and access-control framework. It’s the standard in building secure Spring-based applications.

Secondly, BCryptPasswordEncoder is a module provided by Spring Security. It’s a password encoder that uses the BCrypt strong hashing function. When storing a password in your system, you don’t store the original password, but the BCrypt hash of that password. This makes it a fundamental element in the development of secure Spring applications.

Focus on BCryptPasswordEncoder

Ultimately, the BCryptPasswordEncoder is an essential part of managing secured access to your Java applications along with Spring Security. It ensures that you are not storing original passwords in your databases but securely hashed passwords, adding an extra layer of security to your application.

The use of BCryptPasswordEncoder is necessary when we are handling user data, especially passwords. The use of clear passwords in web applications can result in potential security vulnerabilities. Therefore, in a Spring Boot Security context, we use BCryptPasswordEncoder to handle password encryption before saving it.

Understanding the utility of Spring Boot and the crucial role of BCryptPasswordEncoder boosts our ability to manage secured access to applications optimally.

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