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This article will talk about how to exit from jshell which is a Java Shell tool introduced with Java 9. It’s like a command-line based REPL (Read-Evaluate-Print Loop) which allows you to quickly test your Java code snippets. However, there may be times when you want to exit from jshell and go back to your operating system command prompt. For that, we will begin by providing the solution to the issue, followed by a comprehensive walkthrough of the code. This article includes engaging insights about related libraries, functions, and more.

Exiting from jshell is as simple as writing /exit and pressing Enter. However, understand the context behind this operation is crucial for every Java developer. It ensures smooth interaction with jshell and enhances your overall coding efficiency.


Anatomy of the /exit Command

The /exit command is one of the several meta-commands that jshell supports. These meta-commands start with a / character and are not part of the Java language. They are used to control the behavior of the jshell session.

The /exit command is used to end the jshell session and return control to the operating system. When you write /exit and press Enter, it sends an exit command to jshell, which then terminates the session.

In-detail understanding of these meta-commands can significantly enhance your efficiency while working with Java’s REPL.

Understanding Other Meta-Commands

Understanding other meta-commands in Jshell is equally important. For example, /help provides a list of all the meta-commands. /list displays all the snippets you have entered during the session. /save filename can save your session’s snippets into a file. These commands play an integral role in making the most out of jshell.

/save filename

Just as /exit terminates your session, these meta-commands enable you to control, save, and retrieve your work effectively. By mastering the use of these commands, you will become proficient at navigating jshell and streamlining your Java development tasks.

In conclusion, jshell is a powerful tool that allows Java developers to quickly and efficiently test code snippets. The /exit command and other meta-commands play an integral role in controlling the Java REPL’s behavior, thus ensuring an optimal Java development experience.

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