Solved: whatsapp message html a tag

The main problem related to WhatsApp message HTML a tag is that it does not support the use of HTML tags. This means that any HTML code used in a WhatsApp message will be ignored and not rendered correctly. This can be problematic if you are trying to create a link or embed an image in your message, as these features require the use of HTML tags. Additionally, some formatting options such as font size and color are also not supported by WhatsApp messages, making it difficult to create an attractive and effective message.

<a href="!">Send a WhatsApp Message</a>

1. This line of code creates an HTML anchor tag, which will create a link when displayed in a web browser.
2. The href attribute specifies the URL of the link, which in this case is the WhatsApp API endpoint for sending messages.
3. The phone parameter specifies the recipient’s phone number, and the text parameter specifies the message to be sent.
4. The text between the opening and closing anchor tags is what will be displayed as a link on a web page, in this case “Send a WhatsApp Message”.

Web link to specific whatsapp contact

You can create a link to a specific WhatsApp contact in HTML using the following code:

Contact Us on WhatsApp

Replace [phone-number] with the actual phone number of the contact you wish to link to.

How to send WhatsApp message in HTML

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