Solved: html textarea height

The main problem related to HTML textarea height is that it is not possible to specify a precise height for the textarea. The browser will automatically adjust the size of the textarea based on the amount of content inside it. This can lead to inconsistent and unpredictable results, as different browsers may render the same content differently. Additionally, if a user adds more content than can fit in the current size of the textarea, they may have difficulty seeing all of their input without having to scroll down or resize manually.

<textarea rows="4" cols="50">

This code creates an HTML textarea element. The textarea element is used to create a multi-line input field for user input. The rows and cols attributes specify the number of rows and columns, respectively, that the textarea should have. In this example, the textarea will have 4 rows and 50 columns.

Textarea attribute


The “rows” attribute specifies the number of visible lines in a text area, while the “cols” attribute specifies the visible width in characters.

You can also set an exact size for your text area by using CSS instead of HTML attributes. To do this, use the following syntax:

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