Solved: table border color in html

The main problem related to table border color in HTML is that the color of the border is not always consistent across different browsers. Different browsers may interpret the same HTML code differently, resulting in inconsistent colors being displayed. Additionally, some older browsers may not support certain features such as setting a specific color for a table border, making it difficult to create consistent designs across multiple platforms.

1. This line creates a table with a black border:

Month Savings
January $100
2. This line creates the first row of the table with two headings:

3. This line creates the second row of the table with one column for “January” and one column for “$100”:

4. This line closes the table:

Month Savings
January $100

Table tags

Table tags in HTML are used to create and structure tables. Tables are used to organize and present data in a structured way. Table tags include




, and

. The table tag defines the table, the tr tag defines a row, the th tag defines a header cell, the td tag defines a data cell, and the caption tag defines a caption for the table.

bordercolor attribute

The bordercolor attribute in HTML is used to specify the color of the border around an element. It is used with the

tag and can be set to any valid color name, hexadecimal value, or RGB value. The bordercolor attribute is deprecated in HTML5 and should not be used.

How do I change the color of a table border in HTML

To change the color of a table border in HTML, you can use the style attribute and set the border-color property. For example:

Row 1 Row 2
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