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The main problem related to HTML SMS link iPhone is that it is not supported by all versions of iOS. iPhones running iOS 10 or earlier do not support HTML SMS links, meaning users on these devices cannot click on the link and be taken to a web page. Additionally, iPhones running iOS 11 and later require the user to manually enable HTML SMS links in their settings before they can be used. This can create confusion for users who are unaware of this requirement and may cause them to miss out on important information contained in the link.

<a href="sms:">Send SMS</a>

1. This line of code creates an HTML anchor element, which is used to link to other webpages or files.
2. The href attribute specifies the destination of the link, in this case “sms:”. This means that when clicked, it will open a window for sending an SMS message.
3. The text between the opening and closing anchor tags (“Send SMS”) is displayed as a clickable link on the webpage.

SMS Link

SMS Link is a type of HTML link that allows users to send text messages directly from a web page. This can be used to quickly and easily send information, such as directions or contact details, to a user’s mobile device.

To create an SMS Link in HTML, use the following code:
Send Text Message

The “sms:” portion of the code tells the browser that this is an SMS link. The “+1-555-555-5555” portion is the phone number you want to send the message to. You can also add a message body by adding “?body=Your%20Message%20Here” after the phone number.

How to Create a Link That Sends an SMS Text Message on iPhone

To create a link that sends an SMS text message on iPhone in HTML, you can use the following code:

Send Text Message

Replace the “+11234567890” with the recipient’s phone number. The “body” parameter is optional and can be used to include a pre-filled message in the SMS. Make sure to URL encode any spaces or special characters in your message.

You can also add additional parameters such as “subject” and “cc”. For more information, see Apple’s documentation on sending SMS messages from webpages.

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