Solved: script src tag in html

The main problem related to the script src tag in HTML is that it can be used to introduce malicious code into a website. This is because the script src tag allows external JavaScript files to be included in a web page, which means that any malicious code contained within those files can be executed on the user’s computer. Additionally, if the external file is hosted on an untrusted server, it could potentially contain malicious code that could be used to steal sensitive information or hijack user sessions.

<script src="script.js"></script>

1. This line of code is used to link an external JavaScript file called “script.js” to the HTML document.
2. The

How to use script ta

Script tags are used to include scripts in HTML documents. They are placed between the and tags of an HTML document. The

The type attribute specifies the scripting language, and should always be set to "text/javascript". The code inside the script tag will be executed when the page loads.

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