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The main problem related to multi line comment HTML is that it is not supported by all browsers. For example, Internet Explorer does not support multi line comments, so any code within a multi line comment will be ignored. This can cause issues when trying to debug or troubleshoot a website, as the code may be necessary for the page to function properly. Additionally, some HTML editors do not recognize multi line comments and may strip them out of the document when saving.

<!-- This is a multi-line comment in HTML 
It can span multiple lines -->

This is not code, this is a comment. Comments are used to explain code or provide additional information about the code. This particular comment is written in HTML and can span multiple lines.

Advantages of comments in your code

1. Comments help to make code more readable and easier to understand. This is especially useful for large projects with multiple developers, as comments can provide context and explain the purpose of different sections of code.

2. Comments can be used to temporarily disable sections of code while debugging or troubleshooting an issue without having to delete the code completely.

3. They can also be used as reminders for yourself or other developers who may work on the project in the future, so they know what a particular section of code is meant to do.

4. Comments are also useful for documenting changes made over time, so you can easily track down when and why something was changed if necessary in the future.

What is a comment in source code

A comment in source code in HTML is a line of text that is not visible on the web page when it is viewed in a browser. It can be used to provide information or instructions to the person who is writing or editing the code. Comments are usually written using HTML comment tags, which start with . Comments are ignored by browsers and do not affect how the page looks or behaves.

How do you comment multiple lines in HTML

You can comment multiple lines in HTML by using the following syntax:

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