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The main problem related to sending emails with a subject line is that the subject line may not accurately reflect the content of the email. This can lead to confusion for the recipient, as they may not be able to quickly determine what the email is about. Additionally, if an email has a misleading or unclear subject line, it may be flagged as spam by some email providers and never reach its intended recipient.

<a href=" Line Here">Send Email</a>

1. This line of code creates an HTML anchor tag with an href attribute set to “ Line Here”.
2. The href attribute specifies the destination of the link, which in this case is an email address (
3. The ?subject=Subject Line Here part of the URL adds a query parameter to the link, which will be used as the subject line for the email when it is sent.
4. The text between the opening and closing anchor tags (“Send Email”) will be displayed as a clickable link on a web page that, when clicked, will open up a new email message with as its recipient and “Subject Line Here” as its subject line.

What is an email subject

An email subject in HTML is the text that appears in the subject line of an email message. It is typically used to provide a brief summary of the content of the message and to help recipients decide whether or not they want to open it. The subject should be concise and relevant, as it will be one of the first things that people see when they receive an email.

Mailto link

Mailto links are used to open the default email client on a computer, prefilled with the recipient’s email address. They are often used to allow website visitors to contact the site owner or other designated recipients.

In HTML, mailto links are created using the tag and specifying type=”mailto” as an attribute. The href attribute is then used to specify the recipient’s email address. For example:

Send Email

How to Add a Subject to a Mailto Anchor in HTML

Adding a subject to a mailto anchor in HTML is quite simple. All you need to do is add the “subject” attribute to the anchor tag, like so:

Email Us

In this example, the subject of the email will be “Example Subject”. You can also add additional parameters after the subject parameter by separating them with an ampersand (&). For example, if you wanted to include a body in your email as well, you could do something like this:

Email Us

This will create an email with both a subject and body already filled out for you when it opens up.

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