Solved: html input price

The main problem with HTML input price is that it can be difficult to determine the correct price for a given item. This is because HTML input price does not use standard units like dollars and cents, which can make it difficult to compare prices between different items.

<input type="number" name="price" min="0.00" max="10000.00" step="0.01">

The first line creates an input element that allows the user to enter a number. The second line gives the input element a name attribute so that it can be identified by name. The third line sets a minimum value of 0.00 for the input element. The fourth line sets a maximum value of 10000.00 for the input element. The fifth line sets the step value to 0.01, which means that the input element will only accept values that are multiples of 0.01.

Currency Format Input Field

The currency format input field is used to enter the currency format for a number. The input field can accept either a numeric value or a string value.

Input for Money / Currency

Input for money or currency in HTML is typically represented by a number, a dollar sign ($), or a pound sign (#).

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