Solved: html image not draggable

The main problem related to HTML images not being draggable is that it can be difficult for users to move them around on a page. This can be especially problematic when creating webpages with multiple images, as the user may need to rearrange them in order to create the desired layout. Additionally, if the user needs to move an image from one page to another, they would have to manually copy and paste it instead of simply dragging and dropping it.

<img src="image.jpg" draggable="false" />

1. This line of code creates an image element on the page.
2. The source of the image is specified as “image.jpg”.
3. The draggable attribute is set to false, which means that the image cannot be dragged and dropped on the page.

What is a image draggable

Image draggable in HTML is a feature that allows users to drag and drop an image from one location to another. This can be used to create interactive webpages, allowing users to move images around the page or between pages. It can also be used for creating games, such as puzzles, where the user must arrange pieces of an image in order to complete it. Image draggable is supported by all modern browsers and is enabled by adding the “draggable” attribute to an tag.

How do I make an image not draggable in HTML

To make an image not draggable in HTML, you can use the draggable attribute and set it to false.

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