Solved: html input not editable

The main problem with HTML input that is not editable is that it can be difficult to enter information into the form correctly. If the user makes a mistake when entering the data, it may be difficult to fix.

<input type="text" name="name" value="John">

In order to make this input not editable, you would need to add the "readonly" attribute:

<input type="text" name="name" value="John" readonly>

HTML5 Input Types

HTML5 introduces a number of new input types, including text, email, url, number, and date. These input types can be used in conjunction with the <input type=”text” /> element to allow users to enter data into a web page.

The <input type=”text” /> element can accept any of the new input types. When a user enters data into an <input type=”text” />element that uses one of the new input types, the browser will automatically convert that data into a form that can be used by the web page. For example, if a user enters text into an <input type=”text” /> element using the text type, the browser will convert that text into a string and place it in the document’s DOM. If a user enters email addresses into an <input type=”text” /> element using the email type, the browser will create an email object and place it in the document’s DOM.

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