Solved: how to validate mobile number in html form

The main problem related to validating mobile numbers in HTML forms is that there is no standard format for mobile numbers. Different countries have different formats for their mobile numbers, making it difficult to create a universal validation rule that works for all countries. Additionally, some countries may require additional information such as area codes or country codes, which can further complicate the validation process. Finally, there are a variety of special characters and symbols used in some mobile number formats which can also make it difficult to create a comprehensive validation rule.

  <label for="mobile">Mobile Number:</label><br>
  <input type="tel" id="mobile" name="mobile" pattern="&#91;0-9&#93;{10}" required><br>
  <input type="submit">


– This line of code creates an HTML form element.
– This line of code creates a label element with the text “Mobile Number:” and assigns it to the input field with the id “mobile”.
– This line of code creates an input field with type “tel”, id “mobile”, name “mobile”, pattern “[0-9]{10}” and required attribute set to true. The pattern attribute specifies that only numbers 0-9 can be entered, and that there must be 10 characters in total.
4. – This line of code creates a submit button which will submit the form when clicked on by the user.

What is a html form

A HTML form is an element on a web page that allows a user to enter information, such as text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, and drop-down menus. The information entered in the form is then sent to a server for processing. Forms are used for various purposes such as collecting user input data, submitting orders or registrations, and conducting surveys.

tell attribute

The tell attribute in HTML is an attribute that allows a web page to display a message or alert to the user when the page is loaded. It can be used to provide information about the page, such as a warning or notification, or it can be used to ask the user for input. The tell attribute can also be used to create custom messages that are displayed when certain conditions are met.

How do I validate a mobile number

To validate a mobile number in HTML, you can use the HTML5 input type=”tel” attribute. This will allow users to enter their mobile number in a specific format and will also validate it for accuracy. Additionally, you can also use JavaScript or jQuery to further validate the mobile number. For example, you can check if the entered value is of a certain length (10 digits for Indian numbers) and also check if it contains only numbers.

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