Solved: how to switch between html pages

The main problem with switching between HTML pages is that the browser interprets the document’s structure differently depending on where you are in the document. This can lead to errors or unexpected behavior.

There are many ways to switch between HTML pages. One way is to use a hyperlink. Hyperlinks are created using the <a> tag. The <a> tag defines a hyperlink, which is used to link from one page to another. The href attribute specifies the URL of the page to link to.

<a href="page2.html">Click here to go to page 2</a>

This code line creates a hyperlink that goes to page2.html when clicked.

Navigate between html pages

There are a few ways to navigate between html pages in HTML. One way is to use the tag. For example, to go to the second page of an HTML document, you would use the following code:

Page 2

What is a page


A page in HTML is a document that contains all the text and graphics that make up a web page.

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