Solved: how to insert degree symbol in html

The main problem related to inserting a degree symbol in HTML is that the HTML language does not have a specific character entity for the degree symbol. This means that web developers must use an alternative method, such as using an image of the degree symbol or using a Unicode character code. Using an image of the degree symbol can be time consuming and inefficient, while using a Unicode character code may not be supported by all browsers.

The degree symbol can be inserted in HTML using the HTML entity code ° or the decimal code °.

1. The degree symbol (°) can be inserted in HTML.
2. This is done by using the HTML entity code °.
3. Alternatively, the decimal code ° can also be used to insert the degree symbol in HTML.

Unicode UTF-8

Unicode UTF-8 is the default character encoding used in HTML documents. It is a character encoding system that supports almost all of the world’s written languages, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. It is also backward compatible with ASCII, meaning that any ASCII text can be encoded using UTF-8 without any problems. This makes it an ideal choice for webpages that need to display text in multiple languages. Unicode UTF-8 also allows for more efficient storage of characters than other encodings, making it a popular choice for web developers.

What is degree symbol

The degree symbol (°) is a character used to represent degrees of temperature, angles, and other measurements. In HTML, the degree symbol can be represented by the code “°” or “°”. This code can be used in any HTML document to display the degree symbol.

How do you add a degree sign in HTML

To add a degree sign in HTML, you can use the HTML entity code “°”. This code will render as a degree symbol when displayed in a web browser.


The temperature is 25° Celsius.

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