Solved: how to edit text mesh pro text

TextMeshPro is an advanced text rendering solution that provides designers with extensive flexibility when it comes to text styling in Unity games. It solves many of the issues and needs that UIs typically encounter, offering sharper text regardless of scale, clearer fonts, and much more. With TextMeshPro, it’s easy to provide a rich, quality visual feedback to users through dynamic and static text alike.

Editing TextMeshPro text can seem challenging at first, since it uses different methodologies compared to standard text meshes in Unity. However, with a familiarity with its controls over properties like Face & Outline, Underlay and Bevel, and an understanding of its support for styled text tags, you can effectively alter your text as desired.

Problem: Editing TextMeshPro Text

When using TextMeshPro in Unity, a common issue faced by many developers is how to change the text dynamically. Typically, they need to get the TextMeshProUGUI component from a GameObject and change its text value. Here, we are dealing with a UI based TextMesh pro instance.

Solution and Step-by-step Code Explanation

Here’s the solution for how to change your TextMeshPro text in C#:

using TMPro;

public TextMeshProUGUI myText;

void Update()
myText.text = “New Text”;

Firstly, we use the TMPro namespace, which is necessary to access TextMeshPro components in your script.

Next, we create a public TextMeshProUGUI variable. This variable will store the reference to the TextMeshProUGUI component you want to change the text of.

In the Update method, we simply change the text of the TextMeshProUGUI component by accessing the text property.

Functions Involved

In this case of editing TextMeshPro text, we principally have one function involved:

  • text property: The ‘text’ property of TextMeshPro allows us to get or set the string value being displayed.

Unity Libraries Used

Here, we are using Unity’s TMPro library. TMPro provides advanced text rendering capabilities in Unity. It lets us control many different aspects of our text’s appearance, including its font, color, size, alignment, and much more.

Remember, TextMeshPro could fundamentally transform your UIs, providing a more robust, flexible, and visually appealing alternative to the simplistic inbuilt text mesh. With it, you can elevate your UI experiences in Unity to be even more dynamic and engaging.

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