Solved: store byte array as string

Storing byte arrays as strings is a common task in C# programming. This has several applications, most notably in data encoding and encryption techniques. Transferring data as strings is a ubiquitous method across different systems due to the universal readability of string data. Hence, understanding how to convert byte arrays to string format is an essential skill in the toolbox of any C# developer. Let’s delve deeper into the problem and its solution.

The easiest way to convert a byte array to a string in C# is using the BitConverter class, which has a handy method called ToString taking byte array as an argument:

byte[] byteArray = new byte[] { 0, 2, 54, 96, 255 };
string result = BitConverter.ToString(byteArray);

Understanding The Code

After declaring a byte array, we simply call BitConverter.ToString(), passing it the byte array. This method will convert each byte to a hexadecimal string representation and return the entire byte array as a single string.

BitConverter Class And ToString Method

The BitConverter class in C# is a helper class converting base data types to an array of bytes, and an array of bytes to base data types. It sits under the System namespace, and one of its methods is ToString(). The ToString method converts the numeric value of each element of a specified array of bytes to its equivalent hexadecimal string representation.

Starting With The Byte Array

We initiate a byte array with some given values. In this case, we are using a simple array, but this could be any byte array from your program:

byte[] byteArray = new byte[] { 0, 2, 54, 96, 255 };

Calling ToString and Storing the Result

On the byte array, we then call the BitConverter.ToString, storing the resultant string:

string result = BitConverter.ToString(byteArray);

Upon execution, our byte array is converted to a string — easy!


In this article, we’ve explored a common task in C# programming – converting a byte array to a string. We used the BitConverter class with its ToString method to carry out this operation. It is a powerful and convenient approach for encoding and encryption tasks, data interoperability across systems, etc. Always remember that every piece of data in computing, at its fundamental level, is just a bunch of bytes, hence mastery of byte manipulation is a hallmark of a skilled developer.

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