Sourcetrail 2020.2

Update to LLVM/Clang 10, Python indexer updates, revised Linux Tarball package and some fixes and usability improvements.

Sourcetrail 2020.1

Introduces keyboard-based navigation for the graph and code views, simpler Source Group setup in project settings and an AppImage download for Linux.

Sourcetrail is now free and open-source software

We transitioned to an open-source model. The source code is now available on GitHub and the project will further be funded via Patreon.

Sourcetrail 2019.3

New Custom Trail Dialog for creating graphs between symbol A and B with node and edge filters. Precompiled Header (PCH) Support for C and C++ source groups.

Sourcetrail now supports Python

Python support (beta) now available based on SourcetrailPythonIndexer

Sourcetrail 2019.1

Experimental Python support, write custom indexers with SourcetrailDB and UI updates, including simpler code snippets UI.

Sourcetrail 2018.4

Big indexing performance improvements, reduced memory consumption, new tabs bar to open multiple symbols simultaneously and more type-use edges for templates/generics.

Sourcetrail 2018.3

Keep browsing while indexing, project setup from Sonargraph and Code::Blocks projects and new usability features for graph and code view.

Const - Friend or Foe in C++?

This post outlines different views on the const keyword and give some hints on how to use this keyword to improve the overall quality and the maintainability of a code base.

Sourcetrail 2018.2

Cleaner graph layout with grouping by file path and namespace, improved usability for error fixing, performance improvements in code view.

Sourcetrail 2018.1

Polished UI style, lots of new usability features and fixes for known issues.

How to Configure a C/C++ Sourcetrail Project from Scratch

This article provides a detailed description of creating a Sourcetrail setup for C and C++ projects that is easy to read, more rounded and more in-depth than our documentaion.

Sourcetrail 2017.4

Now free for non-commercial use! Our new release also features on-screen search, improved C++ template indexing, full Java support and project setup from Gradle

Sourcetrail 2017.3

Interactive tooltips showing variable types and function signatures; command line API for indexing; performance improvements; better Java coverage; automatic update check.

How to Export a Clang Compilation Database from a Visual Studio Solution

After taking a glimpse on the Compilation Database format this article describes the Sourcetrail Extension which lets you generate this format for any existing Visual Studio Solution.

Sourcetrail 1.0 (2017.2)

We announce the end of our Beta, take a short look back on what has happened and outline how we will continue.

Sourcetrail 0.12

Generating call graphs, inheritance chains and include trees; bookmarking for nodes and edges; Java project setup from Maven; multi-process indexing for C/C++.

Coati is dead, long live Sourcetrail!

Coati has been renamed to Sourcetrail and moved to the new domain

How to Integrate Maven into Your Own Java Tool

This post summarizes three different ways of integrating Maven into custom source code.

Coati Release 0.11

Clang as sample project for download, single file mode and navigation bar for code view, improved overview screen and Windows 64bit build.

It's Coati's birthday! Let's do some retrospective

This post gives a summary of what happened in the first year we are online.

Coati Release 0.10

Show namespace and package info in search and graph, integrated Visual Studio plugin with project setup, improved C++ indexer coverage, reduced .coatidb file size

Coati Release 0.9

Exporting clang Compilation Database via Visual Studio plugin, Log Window with Error Table, new Windows installer, extended Java language support

Coati Release 0.8

Java Support beta, indexing dialogs, new plugins and improvements to UI

Why working on Chrome made me develop a tool for reading source code

This post is about how the idea to Coati was born, shows early prototypes and illustrates how the user-centered design process contributed on improving and refining the user interface.

Parameter or Argument?

What's the difference between a parameter and an argument? And how do I remember which one is what?

Indexing Clang with Coati using Clang

An indroduction on how to setup Coati for navigating and exploring Clang

Coati Release 0.7

Multi-threaded indexing, full text search, VIM plugin, better macro handling and increased UI performance

Coati Release 0.6

Test licenses, local variable selection, new aggregation edge design, increased autocompletion, project load and UI performance