Coati is dead, long live Sourcetrail!

Coati has been renamed to Sourcetrail and moved to the new domain

How to Integrate Maven into Your Own Java Tool

This post summarizes three different ways of integrating Maven into custom source code.

Coati Release 0.11

Clang as sample project for download, single file mode and navigation bar for code view, improved overview screen and Windows 64bit build.

It's Coati's birthday! Let's do some retrospective

This post gives a summary of what happened in the first year we are online.

Coati Release 0.10

Show namespace and package info in search and graph, integrated Visual Studio plugin with project setup, improved C++ indexer coverage, reduced .coatidb file size

Coati Release 0.9

Exporting clang Compilation Database via Visual Studio plugin, Log Window with Error Table, new Windows installer, extended Java language support

Coati Release 0.8

Java Support beta, indexing dialogs, new plugins and improvements to UI

Why working on Chrome made me develop a tool for reading source code

This post is about how the idea to Coati was born, shows early prototypes and illustrates how the user-centered design process contributed on improving and refining the user interface.

Parameter or Argument?

What's the difference between a parameter and an argument? And how do I remember which one is what?

Indexing Clang with Coati using Clang

An indroduction on how to setup Coati for navigating and exploring Clang

Coati Release 0.7

Multi-threaded indexing, full text search, VIM plugin, better macro handling and increased UI performance

Coati Release 0.6

Test licenses, local variable selection, new aggregation edge design, increased autocompletion, project load and UI performance